We are a primary state school
and also a bilingual European state school

Our school exists on the basis of its bilingual daily routine: even though we organise the school day differently with our two individual school concepts (regular primary school classes that we call Regelzweig and that are mainly monolingual and bilingual European school classes called SESB), we are still one big bilingual and multicultural school community! We experience school life together, celebrate events and use the after-school care facilities together every day!
Spring Ball 2024

Spring Ball 2024

On the last day of school before the Easter vacations (March 22), our annual spring ball tournament for the 4th-6th grades and the Biesalski School...

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Cabuwazi (4th classes)
16.04.2024 VERA 3 (math)
17.04.2024 16:10 – 18 h School conference
18.04.2024 VERA 3 (Reading German)
19.04.2024 Kangaroo math competition
24.04.2024 German motor skills test (3rd grade)
25.04.2024 VERA 3 (Listening German)



Quentin Blake is an English children’s book illustrator and author. He has drawn illustrations for more than 300 books. He is best known for illustrating the books of Roald Dahl. In 2011, he even visited us. We always remember this great and special day with pleasure!



Our school is free of charge. That’s great! But what if we want to purchase special items for our children? This is where the Förderverein comes in and supports us financially for a better and more exciting school life! This parents initiative offers active parents the opportunity to help shape the school.


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