Our school has two libraries – a very large English library and a steadily growing German library. Both libraries are used during classes by the children and the staff. They are also used as a resting place and source of information, especially in the afternoons.

All classes have the opportunity to visit each of the two libraries every week during timetabled lessons.

EVERY FRIDAY: Parents' afternoon

On Friday afternoons we offer a “parents’ afternoon” from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Parents are invited to visit the libraries with their children to get an idea of the great selection of materials we have available.

There are three friendly librarians who work part-time in the two libraries. They issue and return items, catalogue books and other media to expand the resources available, answer questions, and generally help to keep the libraries running smoothly.

We encourage you to stay and browse our collection, read to or with your child, and hopefully inspire a lifelong love of books in your child or children!


Parents of our school have the opportunity to use our school library catalog to search for a specific medium.


Our school’s English Library was established in 1997 through a joint initiative of parents and teachers. The Förderverein later began to provide financial support to enable the English Library to grow.

Fiction and non-fiction books are divided into two age categories: those generally appropriate for children in classes 1-3 and those in classes 4-6. We have high quality non-fiction books covering a very wide range of subjects including science, geography, history, biographies etc. These books can be borrowed by children, parents and teachers to support learning in specific lessons and also for general knowledge.

Our fiction books cover a wide range of interests and include well-known authors such as JK Rowling, David Walliams, Dick King-Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Anthony Horowitz, Jaquline Wilson and many more! We also have a wide range of picture books and books suitable for children who are just learning to read or who are still gaining confidence in reading with or without help.

Our slogan:

Get into a book and learn! Use it, love it, join it!

  • Fiction 98% 98%
  • Non-fiction 65% 65%
  • DVDs 52% 52%
  • Audio books (CD) 38% 38%
  • Comic books 30% 30%
  • Puzzle books 10% 10%

In the English Library we have many books illustrated and written by Quentin Blake. We also have original signed drawings and books on display at the school to commemorate Quentin Blake’s visit in 2002.


The German Library was founded in 2019 and lovingly set up by parents, teachers and educators. It currently (May 2022) comprises around 1,382 titles, including fiction, non-fiction, picture books, comics and puzzle books. It’s growing every week though, so keep checking back as there’s always something new to discover!

  • Fiction 96% 96%
  • Non-fiction 86% 86%
  • Picture books 70% 70%
  • Comics 32% 32%
  • Puzzle books 14% 14%

‘Drop by anytime and have a look,
Don’t be afraid to pick up a book,
stay and settle in a nook,
Before too long, you’ll be hooked!’



We welcome helping hands! The Förderverein organises the libraries and ensures that they are looked after and regularly maintained. If you are interested in participating, just contact our lovely library staff*:

If you wish to donate any suitable old books, we are pleased to accept every book that can help to make other children here happy. Come by and drop off sorted out books, comics, CDs or DVDs in good condition in German or English. Again, the Libraries’ staff will be happy to hear from you in advance via email:

Our libraries thrive on your enthusiasm. So we would love you to take advantage of our offer to use the libraries. QBGS school children, parents, recent alumni and teachers can all use our libraries. The only condition is: please register first! 🙂


Please click button to get signed up to use the libraries.

Using the online form, you can easily register yourself and your family to use the libraries. The library staff will then contact you for confirmation of use. And then we wish you a lot of fun reading! 😉

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