School enrolment is celebrated throughout Germany at the beginning of the first grade. We are also happy to celebrate this tradition at our school.

Our enrolment ceremony always takes place on the Saturday of the entry week in our auditorium (sports hall).

It is a celebratory occasion for the whole family, which may include grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles. Of course, the child who starts school is the focus of attention on this day. It is given small gifts by friends and relatives and receives a special honor.


Our enrolment ceremony usually consists of a short speech by the school administration and small performances prepared by the buddy classes. In addition, the class teams (teachers and educators) introduce themselves and show the children their classroom while having their first lesson.

After the official school celebration there is usually a small family celebration at home or in a restaurant. Traditionally, the school cone can be opened at this point in time, and not before.

REMEMBER: With the pandemic in mind!

The enrolment ceremony is an important and unforgettable day!
We wish, just like you, that this day can be celebrated with as many family members as possible!
And as it seems at the moment, this will be possible! However, in the last two years we have taught us that well prepared plans have to be changed quickly!

So we would like to point out that we don’t know what the pandemic situation will be like after the holidays – keep this in mind if, for example, you let grandma come from abroad… The Senate (Senatsverwaltung für Jugend, Bildung und Familie) tells us how we have to act and it is possible that after the summer holidays we will only be able to allow the closest family members (that means parents/guardians and siblings). We will know this by the Get-to-know-you-day and we will be able to tell you how many people we can celebrate with and also regarding the pandemic rules (if with or without 3G).

We therefore advise you to take this into account in your plans and, at best, to plan an alternative celebration for after the ceremony somewhere outside the school in order to calculate any changes to the plan.


The school cone is brought to the school enrolment celebration, but is only opened at home after the school party.
It can be homemade or purchased from stationery stores. We ask that the school cone is approx. 70-85cm in size.

A school cone is essential for the school enrolment ceremony!

It is the parent’s job to fill this school cone and then seal it so the contents cannot be seen or accidentally fall out. You can fill the bag with school supplies such as stationery and crafts, small books, stickers, toys, a stuffed animal and just some healthy sweets (if possible with little sugar and no nuts – there can always be someone who is allergic). The contents of the school cone are meant to be a surprise, so keep your purchases out of sight!

Your child will need additional materials for a successful day at school. Please do not bring these with you to the enrolment ceremony, but to the Get-to-know-you day which takes place during the week BEFORE the enrolment ceremony.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to the enrolment ceremony.
And be sure to ask someone to take a picture of the whole family.

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