“Circus culture that makes you strong”

“The enchanted forest” – A play by class 4.3

Last Friday, the circus project week of class 4.3 ended with the big performance “The Enchanted Forest” in the Cabuwazi circus tent in Treptow.

From the southwest to the “central northeast”, a good hour across the city. From Monday to Friday, many Berlin experiences on the paths offered us opportunities to learn and talk. Dancing to the music in the suburban train, applauding in the subway station, carefully passing unpleasant smells. There was a bit of everything.

When we asked the kids in the run-up to the week what theme should provide the framework for the show, their first answer was “Peace, because there is war everywhere in the world.”

A challenge that the team developed with the children into a story about conflict, resentment and coldness and a desire to live together respectfully and peacefully.

Costumes could be chosen from the large costume collection, the roles were developed and distributed.

The class, accompanied by 6 trainers, experienced an unforgettable week in which the focus was on strengthening their sense of togetherness and the children were taught to help and be mindful. There was also room for great games. Social interaction and reflection were always at the heart of all the different activities.

The main practical focus was on the three main disciplines of acrobatics, trapeze and ball skating. Here, people had to try things out, learn and train, and leave their comfort zone. Learning progress was clearly visible within the few days, which led to a lot of pride and positive energy.

The big performance with the decisive technical refinements, such as fog, audio effects, light and music and the great applause, rounded off the week in a fitting manner.


And once again we can see what a community can do. From our great Halloween party, which made the funding possible, to a visible result. We wish classes 4.2 and 4.1 a great time!

We would like to thank all the parents of the fourth grade classes, the entire CABUWAZI team, Jürgen König, who initiated the cooperation 23 years ago and accompanied it for many years, and Elisabeth Stiksrud, who fortunately continues this valuable work.

CABUWAZI – not just a circus. A project for life!