Supervision on the schoolyard

From Tuesday to Friday during the first recess, our conflict guides are out and about in the school yard to help.

There is also a conflict guide mailbox in the school building!

Our conflict guide training

The conflict guide training takes place in cooperation with the Biesalski School. Pupils from both schools take part.

They will learn and practice conflict resolution talks (mediation), i.e. how to mediate in disputes between classmates and help to find solutions to end a conlfict.

To do this, they define the role and their own attitude as conflict guides.

Active listening and mirroring are practiced.

Also important is the perception of body language and the correct understanding of the reasons for the conflict. The conflict guides support the disputants in clarifying the conflict and also in formulating their own solutions for the conflict.

During the arbitration, the conflict guides have to ensure that certain rules of dialogue are observed: allow each other to finish speaking, listen, speak politely to one another, be open to proposed solutions…

Fair intervention in the schoolyard and correct intervention is also learned, since they will also take on duties in the schoolyard after completing the training.

The new knowledge and the new attitude are tested in role plays and exercises and reflected on with the group.

The training lasts 5 school days and ends with a practical and written exam.

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