All the forms that you need to fill out for a successful registration for the European school (bilingual German/English) (SESB) OR/AND for the regular school (monolingual/German only) can be found here.
You can register your child for both areas (European school SESB and regular school) – fill out an application for each area.
It is important to emphasize that – as already described above – there is NO emphasized bilingual teaching in the regular classes as in the European classes.

Children starting in first grade...

…have a different registration process. Here you have to note that the registration process is a bit more complex. There is a bit more information to consider. These are explained in ‘Your child is going to school’ . Please take the time to read all the information carefully (especially the leaflets from the Steglitz-Zehlendorf school authority)!

Important: The registration of children who will start school for the new school year must be handed in personally by you during the registration period (usually two weeks before the fall break of the school year before school starts). Different deadlines apply to families who can prove that they moved in or are moving in after the registration period. We will go into more detail on this page.

Our application forms were updated in June 2023. We ask you to use and complete these version of the applications.

Furthermore, we refer to the checklist mentioned before, which is also in the file of the application forms (applies to SESB & Regular class). Use this checklist to submit all necessary documents. Unfortunately, we cannot consider incomplete registrations.

If your child is already a school-age child, you are welcome to send us your application via email ( – all necessary copies and forms must be filled out legibly and attached in the email (preferably as a PDF).

If your child will start school, a registration
not possible by email
. Here, it is necessary that you visit the catchment area primary school in person and then also the first choice school. This has to happen during the registration period and the registration documents are handed in in paper form.

We look forward to your registration(s)!

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