Not only are the children’s voices important at our school, but also those of their adults: Parents and legal guardians, family and friends all play an important role in shaping school life.

Here are a few examples of where adults make a big difference every year:

  • as parent representatives of the classes of your children
  • in the GEV (Gesamttelternvertretung)
  • in the food board
  • in the Förderverein
  • at AGs
  • as reading mentors
  • as spontaneous helpers at events

Anyone can participate! Everyone benefits.


GEV overall parental representation

Who and what is this?
The parent representatives of each class together form the overall parental representation. It represents the interests of all legal guardians at the school. If you have any questions, criticism or suggestions, you can contact the parent representatives or the GEV board ( ).

The GEV convenes the joint parents’ meetings. These meetings are a great opportunity to learn about important school issues, share ideas, and get involved effectively.

Here we would like to emphasise again: get involved! We appreciate your help.

Current GEV 2021/22

  • Jessica Krause (Chair)
  • Agata Drummond (Board)
  • Frederike Scheffer (Board)
  • Ingrid Kritscher (Board)


BEA District Parents Committee

Who and what is this?
The BEA consists of the parent representatives elected to the committee from all general schools in the district. Parent representatives from private schools can also take part in an advisory capacity. This body represents the interests of parents in matters relating to general education schools in the district and prepares and coordinates the work of the district school advisory board.

LEA State Parents’ Committee

Who and what is this?
State parents’ committees are representatives of the parents of the schools and Kindergartens at state level. The state parents’ representatives represent the interests of the students to the state governments, ministries, youth welfare offices and political parties.

Food committee

Life is too short for bad soup – Vietnamese proverb

Who and what is this?
The food committee consists of representatives from the school management, the before- and after-school care management (“Hort”), educators, parents and children. We meet at regular intervals to discuss the menus with the caterer. We also provide feedback on food quality, and discuss all lunch-related issues to decide on any changes.


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