All children eat breakfast in their classes. Please remember that breakfast in class does not replace breakfast at home. It is important that children have already eaten a healthy breakfast before coming to school.

The lunch box for breakfast in class should not be a candy box – please make sure that your child has a healthy, wholesome meal. For example, you can give your child a whole grain sandwich, fruit/vegetables, and/or yogurt (don’t forget a spoon). This provides a good foundation to get through the morning: all focused and full of energy.

Water bottle

Please give your child a water bottle so it can refill it here at school. There is a water dispenser in our school that offers cool drinking water (carbonated or non-carbonated). There, your child can always get fresh water.


Our caterer since summer 2020 is called Luna. It grew out of a vegetarian restaurant.

Luna was selected by our school’s Food Committee. Educators, children and parents decide every three years which caterer will cook our food. There is a rehearsal dinner, the concept is evaluated and caterers are asked to apply beforehand.

Meals are always freshly, gently and tasty prepared for your children in our school kitchen. We completely refrain from using artificial flavor enhancers and preservatives. It is cooked according to the quality standards of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE). We generally do without pork in our kitchen.

Lunch times are firmly anchored in the timetable of your child’s class. Since our canteen cannot provide food for all children at the same time for capacity reasons, the lunch times are divided according to the respective grade levels: the younger children eat first, then followed by the older children of our school.

The menu is updated monthly and sent to our school in advance.
You can also find the current menu on the website

Lunch registration

Registration for children who are not in after-school care is done online or in paper form.
On the website you will find the tab ‘For parents’ and there ‘New registration’. Enter our school abbreviation here. Please call the educational support (Tel: 0151 – 70 23 96 15) to find out our school code for registration. Then simply follow the menu on the Luna website and enter all your data.

If your child has a specific allergy
our caterer Luna can provide it with special food for people with allergies. In this case, please request a special diet form by calling 030 – 36 75 95 0.

It is important to note that all children in the bilingual classes must be present at lunch times. We don’t force anyone to eat anything he/she doesn’t like, but it is important for us that all children are present due to supervisory responsibilities. 😉

Temporary absence

If your child no longer participates in the meal, it is obligatory to terminate the agreement with our caterer at the end of the respective month.

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