We share our school grounds with the Förderzentrum Biesalski. The support center, which focuses on the support priorities ‘physical and motor development, is located on the ground floor, while our premises can be found on the first floor. We share the huge school yard (approx. four hectares), the sports hall/auditorium and the teaching kitchen with the Biesalski School.

Opposite our campus is the Coles Sport Center and a swimming pool owned by the Berliner Bäderbetriebe. Both can be reached via a zebra crossing. The Coles Sports Center has another sports hall that we also use for our classes.

Swimming lessons, which take place in the third class according to the plan set by the Berlin Senate, are therefore located perfectly on our doorstep. The children can reach the swimming pool in 2 minutes on foot.


Open and honest communication is very important to us! If you have observed certain things, have concerns or would like to pass on questions/suggestions to us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Not only the class or school administration is there for you, but also our school social worker, the educational staff, as well as the class parent representatives or the overall parent representatives.

Communication means practicing a style of dealing that is characterized by respect, esteem and mutual trust.

The school community works to ensure that a pleasant school climate is continuously created, which is characterized by understanding for one another and a willingness to help.

This guideline on complaints management is intended for special cases and then serves as a guide to deal with conflicts promptly and successfully. It is our common goal to have to use these guidelines as little as possible!

The following guideline on complaints management provides information on the procedure to be followed by all conflicting parties in the event of complaints or concerns.

Anonymous complaints are generally only investigated in absolutely exceptional cases.

All written documents remain with the school and are confidential, the sequence of appointments and the handling of complaints must be documented. The school conference checks these documents and ensures that the sequence of the individual stages has been observed.

We see each other.

We respect each other.

We treat each other as equals.

  • Your child’s needs are important to us! We have a lot of understanding for your concerns, but ask you to remain factual and respectful in your communication with us. You can find more information about our school’s complaints management system in the following link:


The safety of our school children is very important to us, so we would like to draw your attention to the following:

Our school is located at Hüttenweg 40 (not far from the very busy Clayallee). Drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists must approach these crossings at a moderate speed.

We would like to point out that there is a general ban on stopping and parking on or up to five meters in front of zebra crossings!

There is a risk of €80 and a point if you don’t let pedestrians cross. Cyclists must dismount and push.

Our school grounds are not publicly accessible for vehicles – with the exception of some employees, suppliers and the transport vehicles of the wheelchair users of the Biesalski Förderzentrum. An entry and exit barrier regulate this.

We therefore also point out that the entry and exit barrier areas are not stopping zones!

We ask that if you drive your child/children to school by car, then use the ample parking facilities (the parking lot of the opposite Coles Sports Center, the paid parking lot in Marshallstrasse or the parking lot in front of the Waldfriedhof) and cross over the Hüttenweg via the already mentioned zebra crossings. Plan enough time for this, because no child likes to start a new school day with stress!

At regular intervals, our caretaker and the police stand in the entrance barrier area or near the zebra crossing to observe the traffic situation in the morning. Parents who do not follow the above guidelines and rules will be notified. In the event of repeated misconduct, we feel compelled to take further steps.

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