About 90 people work at our school.
In addition to the important pedagogical staff (teachers and educators) who are responsible for the work in the classroom or Hort but do an important job in the area of inclusion and special education as well as school social there is also staff that works in school administration or take care of the school building or cook in lunch for the children in our school kitchen. Our administrative management and the secretary take care of the administrative process together with the school management. The caretaker/janitor is constantly on the move in and around the building.
In addition, each member of our staff takes on the responsibilities of important tasks and areas of our school: Important topics such as fire protection, tutors, language tests, traffic education and much, much more are taken over and supervised. You can see who is currently responsible for what in detail in the organisational chart below.

Without all these important people at our school, it would not be what it is!

Here is a little insight into our team (not all are shown here):


In every school there are many important responsibilities to keep the day-to-day running smoothly. You can see who holds which position in the organisational chart here.

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