We are pleased that you are interested in our school and that you are planning to register your child(ren) at our school.

In general, you can apply or register your child(ren) at our school for both the monolingual regular primary classes and the bilingual European classes (SESB). This applies to children who have to start school and who will reach the age of six in the next school year, as well as to children who are already going to school.

Children who are already attending school and are therefore six years old or older can generally apply or register for the current as well as for the following school year. We cannot accept registrations that are further in the future than the coming school year.

In order to understand how the registration process works, it is important to read the following information carefully.

Here is a rough summary of the concepts our school offers and for which concepts you can apply or register.

In the regular school class (Regelzweig) – one class per grade level – lessons take place exclusively in German, as at any other primary school in Berlin. Foreign language lessons only take place from grade 3 according to the Berlin Primary School Ordinance GsVO. However, our Förderverein which was founded on the initiative of the parents, offers English lessons from the first grade – this makes our regular classes unique in comparison to other primary schools! Our regular classes are offered in an open all-day model (until 2:30 pm) – additional care in our after-school care department (Hort) is of course possible with a after-school care voucher.

The lessons of our European school classes (SESB) take place in the bound all-day model (Mon, Tue, Thu 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. / Wed & Fri 8 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.) from the 1st grade. In general, each grade level has two bilingual European school classes. Classes are held in both German and English – subjects such as math and physical education are taught in German, while topic, history, science, geography, music and art are taught in English. There are also Mother Tongue and Partner Tongue classes – these subjects are taught in small, split groups. French lessons are added from the 5th grade.

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