We are a group of parents who work voluntarily to support the school financially and thus make the school day of our children more lovable and livable.

Our school functions best when parents, pupils, teachers and school management all pull together.

We, as a parent initiative, support this cooperation with the school and finance projects that would not be possible from the general funds available to the school.

Become a member!

With a monthly contribution of, for example, only 25 euros, you support both your child and the entire school community!

Projects we make possible:

The English Library With more than 10,000 books and many other media, the English-language library is open to all pupils and families.

The German-language library opened in fall 2019 and offers pupils and their families a selection of more than 1,000 books.

IT support Access to digital learning tools is more important than ever these days. We support the equipment of the computer room, the equipment of all classrooms with Smart Boards and exclusively finance the repairs and maintenance of the IT facilities.

In the non-bilingual Regelzweig, English is only taught from the 3rd class. To help improve this, we fund and organise the teachers for the English classes of the 1st and 2nd Class.

Recreational equipment We have financed the technical equipment for concerts.

Yearbook With the support of many dedicated parents, we publish the school’s yearbook.

School merchandise School clothing promotes community school spirit and motivates the children. We completely operate the whole merchandise logistics.

AND MUCH MORE We support all the important projects for which the school’s public funds are unfortunately not sufficient.

Support us!

Become a member and contribute with 25 € per month actively to improve the daily school life of our school children.

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