We share our school grounds with the Biesalski School for children with special needs. The Biesalski School, which focuses on supporting physical and motor development, is located on the ground floor, while our premises are mainly on the first floor. Our school building has an elevator. We share the huge school yard (approx. four hectares), the sports hall/auditorium and the teaching kitchen with the Biesalski School.

Opposite our campus is the Coles Sport Center and a swimming pool owned by the Berliner Bäderbetriebe. Both can be reached via a zebra crossing. The Coles Sport Center has a large sports hall with a spectator stand, which we also use for our classes.

Swimming lessons, which take place in the third class according to the plan set by the Berlin Senate, are therefore located perfectly on our doorstep. The children can reach the swimming pool by a 2-minute walk, but are always accompanied by teachers to and from swimming lessons.

We have

18 classrooms

7 partner rooms

4 rooms for the before- and after-school care (“Hort”)

2 libraries

1 large music room with grand piano

Sports hall/auditorium




  • Approx. 4 hectares to run, romp and relax
  • barrier-free
  • Play equipment such as climbing frames, large and small swings, roundabouts, seesaws, tunnels, sandpits, etc.
  • Soccer Court and Basketball Court
  • with trailers containing great little play equipment such as boards, hula hoops, pedalos, etc.
  • School garden with lots of space for weeding, sowing and harvesting



  • 1953 to ca. 1990: School of the American Armed Forces and was called Thomas A. Roberts Elementary School
  • FUN FACT: In memory of the first namesake, the banner still visible at our school commemorates Together Achievement Responsibility
  • After the Allies left, the building – after 2 years standing vacant – became part of the district
    Zehlendorf and was handed over for school use
  • 1992: State European School (SESB) was established at the site
  • In 2022 we celebrate our 30th anniversary!

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