We are always open to families who appreciate the concepts of our school and the cultural diversity, which among other things are due to the bilingual everyday life. It is important for us to mention that the English language has a major influence on both of our school concepts (.e. the regular/German only and the European/bilingual classes). All school activities are always represented bilingually, for example school events such as the Fun Run, Halloween, Christmas Concerts or our regular assemblies. A lot of activities are designed and used by all school children of both concepts (regular and European school classes) together, such as the barrier-free large schoolyard, our German and English libraries, the different working groups or our after-school care centre (“Hort”).

You have the option of registering your child or children here with us from the current first to the sixth grade – regardless of whether it is a regular school/German only class, or a European/bilingual class. Your registration is not tied to a registration period because your child is already going to school. You can therefore send us your registration at any time.

The registration process


1. Application for membership

In order to be able to understand more precisely which area you are interested in, it is important to fill out our application for admission to the regular/German only class and/or the European/bilingual class.


2. Other documents

Use our checklist to add a copy or legible scan of all other important documents. You send this to us together with the completed application for admission by post or email.

3. Acknowledgment of Receipt

If we have received your complete registration (by post or email), you will receive an email confirmation that your registration has been received.

4. Secretary will contact you!

As soon as we have viewed and processed your registration in detail and a place for your child(ren) is available in the class you want (regular/German only or European/bilingual class), we will get in touch with you.

Until then, we ask for your patience!


5. Language test

If a place in a European/bilingual class is available, the secretary will arrange a language test date with you so that your child can complete an English language test. The English language level is mainly tested.

This test takes place exclusively in our school. An online language test is not possible.

Your registration is only valid for the school year in which you have registered, and you must actively extend it for subsequent school years if required.

It is also important to emphasise that a change of concept (e.g. from the regular/German only class to the European/bilingual class) is only granted in exceptional cases.
We ask you to note that the regular/German only class should not be seen as a placeholder for the European/bilingual class.


From the current first grade of the European school classes (SESB) , the children are only tested in the English language during the registration process – even if you have three language groups to choose from in the application for admission (this is, among other things, a requirement of the school authority and affects the registration process of school beginners, but it serves us also for literacy)! This is due to English lessons being taught from first grade; and the knowledge that an applicant for a higher grade level must have in English in order to be able to follow the class contents!

Children coming from abroad are also tested on their understanding of the German language, as our subjects are taught in both English and German. The child must therefore be able to follow the content of the lesson.

From the 5th grade of our European school classes , the children also receive French lessons, which means that registrations from this grade onwards should also demonstrate knowledge of French! This means that we add knowledge of both languages (English and French) to the language tests – your child must therefore have adequate knowledge of both languages in order to be accepted at our school.

We would like to point out that we advise against regular calls or emails asking about the status of your registration. Please wait until the secretary contacts you. If a place is available for your child(ren), you will receive either a phone call or an email from us. Until then, we ask for your patience!
We do not provide any information about the status of your application! Even if you would like to know how your registration is progressing, these calls and emails keep us from doing our actual work! Please understand and wait until we get in touch with you. Thanks very much!

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