On Saturday, 27.08.2022, the enrolment of our school beginners took place from 9am – despite rainy weather forecast we were very lucky and it stayed dry! The excitement was great – on all sides! The QBGS staff is very excited about the 78 new children at our school! Each first class was invited and celebrated at different times – due to the still uncertain pandemic situation before the summer vacations, we had planned it this way.

Every other class performed for one of the new first grade classes – 1.3 performed a great welcome song for the new regular class. The Chipmunks (Class 2.2) sang ‘Que sera’ for the new 1.2 and Class 1.1 performed a whole three energy-laden songs for the new 1.1! The new school children met many new faces at QBGS and even spent their first few minutes together in the classroom.

We really enjoyed the enrollment and look forward to a great school season with all the kids and families!