Dear Parents,
the 1st art auction of the QBGS was a great success!
For those who could not be there, you missed out! Each class proudly took the stage, presented their artwork, watched the auction with excitement and anticipation, and were hugely pleased with the bids and the final sum reached. There was a lot to eat and drink, the Trash Drumming AG entertained us and the mood was exuberant and communicative.

So a big thank you goes to the artists and the art teachers who created really great works. Thanks to everyone who helped, whether baking cakes, selling them, or carrying tables. And the biggest thanks go to the parents who bid and bought the works at auction with so much willingness to donate. You guys are amazing!

The highest prize for their artwork with a fabulous 585 EURO was achieved by class 3.1! She wins 50€ for the class treasury to go out for a well-deserved ice cream. Congratulations!

The Förderverein raised over € 4,000 with the campaign.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!