Dear QBGS Community,

The year 2022 is an important year for our school.
Not only did we celebrate 30 years of SESB schools in spring, but Sir Quentin Blake, our namesake, is turning 90 in December.

To mark this special occasion and in preparation of Sir Quentin’s birthday, the English department is organising
a Quentin Blake Character Day on Wednesday, October 19th.
On this day, we are asking the children to dress up as a Quentin Blake characters.

Since Sir Quentin worked in close collaboration with Roald Dahl, we have also included Roald Dahl’s books, since a great many of them were illustrated by Quentin Blake. If you need ideas and inspiration as far as costumes are concerned, please go to and search for Roald Dahl costumes children.

On Wednesday, October 19th, three children from each class, with the most original costumes, will have their pictures taken in periods 3&4. Mrs Montana and I will take the photographs and organise the photo shoot. Please have a look at the appointment list in the staff room which will be ready next week.

Proficient readers, from years 3-6, are also encouraged to read a short passage from their character’s book. Since our best pictures and clips will be displayed the school’s website, all children whose picture is taken, will need a consent form signed by their parents.

In the run-up to October 19th, the English department and our German colleagues will spend a few lessons on learning about Quentin Blake and his great success as an author and illustrator.

Thank you for your support,

E Wagner

Teacher of QBGS