After the 2-year Corona break, QBGS can finally celebrate their legendary Halloween party again on November 11 starting at 4:30pm!!!

As in previous years, parents of the three 4th grades are responsible for planning, organising and implementing the party for this big school event. A Halloween committee has already been formed to take care of all issues related to the organisation. For the implementation of the celebration, however, ALL parents of the 4th classes are responsible!!!

Therefore, my express request and plea to all parents of the 4th grades to participate intensively and full of verve in the preparations and implementation of the Halloween party – because the more parents get involved, the more joy everyone has in their (small) task!!! The Halloween Committee will be contacting parents of 4th graders and their teachers and educators with more information on this in the near future.

To the parents who didn’t get to experience the last Halloween party in 2019 (yet): It was a smashing party, full of costumes, great games, events, disco and fabulous food – the kids loved it!!!

And that’s exactly why we’re all looking forward to this year’s “Halloween Haunted House Party” together and thank the 4th graders in advance for their commitment!!!